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Friday, October 15, 2010

Medal of Honor Single player.

NOTE: This is taken from my post on that i just wrote really quick.

"I think that was a pretty DAMN AWESOME singleplayer and ending.
Im not a big single player fan but i REALLY liked this one. It had a really cool realistic feel/meaning to it.

No generic, familiar, "We won!!" type of ending.
The end gave me a feeling like they where saying a public service announcement. Like, "Yes, this is how it is." Its not fight hard play hard, its war sucks, this is what is going on over there.
That's kind of what i took from it. Also, im not a big patriotic "America!!!" type of person and this made me think (a little) about whats happening in our world... well i will stop talking like an idiot haha.

Again, i loved it..
I like the lack of a HUD, unless u pressed up. It made it feel really cinematic.

And again i dont understand the bad reviews this game got. I am giving the single player a 8/10. Im not going to discuss multi-player because this post is about the single player.

I do think it could have been longer. And as much as im not a big COD fan (dont get me wrong, they are good and fun, but to me COD is very arcadey) i wish dangerclose put in another part to the game like the spec ops type mini missions/challenges.

So did u guys like it as much as i did? or did u find it to be dull?

I know some people really like BIG victory type endings that make you feel like YOU won and made a big difference (COD style lol).

PS: sorry for throwing in the Call of Duty references, but people will do it anyways and the games ARE somewhat similar. "


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